Haven't you heard about the Finnish Long Drink? Let us tell you the story of how everything started.

We would like to claim that it all began a long time ago when Vikings were ruling the North, and they asked the Gods for powers that no man on Earth ever had before. The Gods agreed to give these powers, but with one condition: the Vikings had to preserve the nature in the North for eternity. The Northmen accepted these terms, and promised to protect the nature forever. The Gods took all the best things from the Nordic nature, and piece by piece created a potion, which was missing the last, but the most important part, that only a true Viking could add - the Nordic soul. And that's the legend of the real Finnish Long Drink.

If this myth satisfies your curiosity, you should stop reading, and go enjoy your superpowers. You're welcome.


If you are still here, it means that you are not the biggest fan of such myths. Don’t worry, we will tell you the truth. To be honest, the story is much more pragmatic than you expect.

The origin of the Finnish Long Drink are the 1952 Summer Olympic Games in Helsinki, Finland. The hosts wanted to give all the visitors the perfect experience of the Nordic traditions but had one challenge: how to serve masses of people fast and not to ruin the festivities? The idea of the Finnish Long Drink was born, a perfect mixture of Gin and grapefruit tonic, with the taste of the North, served in a matter of seconds. So, it's partially because of the Scandinavian efficiency and visionary thinking.

You might still ask, what does MIN Gin Long Drink has to do with all of this? And you are right asking this question. No, we were not participants of the Summer Olympics, nor were we leading the Vikings in their raids. We are, however, Nordic and proud of our traditions and cherish the Scandinavian lifestyle, and we want to share it with you.

So, what's our story?


Our story is something that could happen to any of you. And it might already have, or it is just around the corner. It has two characters, who were living in different parts of the world. Each of them had their stories, dreams, and desires. They were similar to each other and different at the same time. They were both fascinated by the beauty of the world, interesting people, different cities, nature, arts, music, you name it. They didn't have much but both of them were brave enough or maybe, just naive, to dream. And like most of us, they dreamed about the future, love, and happiness.

And like it often happens in life, a series of accidental events, brought both of them to the same place at the same time. Maybe it was that warm wind from the South West, or that hot sunny day, or even those dogs who were playing in the park, that brought both of them into that shadow under the old tree. And they both dared to smile at each other. That's how two separate stories became the story of two. And later it became the story of three, with new dreams, but with an even bigger passion for life.

This is our dream, which is amazing and we want to share it with you, so you could be a part of it. We took something we both love, and made it available to you. We probably won’t be able to save the world with this, but our goal is simple – give you an experience that you would honestly enjoy and maybe it will even lead to bigger things. You never know. Always be brave enough to dream, because:

Everything starts with a dream!